Modelling and Simulation of SOFC System

Jabulisile S. Mavundla, Akshay K. Saha, Nelson M. Ijumba, Leon Chetty, and Edward Chikuni


distributed generation, fuel cell, boost converter, voltage source inverter


Modeling and simulation of a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) system has been presented in this paper. The SOFC system includes SOFC, dc-dc boost converter and voltage source inverter (VSI). This paper provides performance analysis of boost converter and inverter for the SOFC with a power rating of 100 kW. This work considers control strategy to ensure that the inverter maintains desired output voltage irrespective of fluctuation in fuel cell (FC) output voltage due to variations in power drawn which is implemented in PSCAD. The performance of the system has been analyzed through the simulation results and presented.

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