Effects on Grid Usage and Sizing of a Battery Model using Persistence Estimation Optimization

Filip Andrén, Matthias Stifter, and Johannes Kathan


Energy Storage, Battery Energy Management, Optimization, Load Modelling, Estimation and Forecast


This paper presents an extended battery energy management model of an real existing PV-VRB backup system. Part of the new energy management model are the 'Charge Optimization' and the 'Feed-In Optimization' for improving grid load, in terms of reducing peak demand, with evident impact on the utilized capacity range of the battery. This is realized with a basic optimization implementation based on a persistence estimation of load and generation. Scenarios of operation modes of the battery model are presented with example simulations. To prove the functionality and to verify the optimization algorithms several weeks of simulation performing peak shaving were simulated and the results with and without the optimization algorithms are compared.

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