Causes of the Melting Image of a Conductor of Low Voltage Power Line Network

Aikaterini D. Polykrati, Constantinos D. Halevidis, Eleftherios G. Psarros, Emmanuel I. Koufakis, and Perikles D. Bourkas


Corona phenomenon, Short-circuit condition, Conductor melting image


The image of a conductor of low voltage power lines at melting point could be the result of a fire or of a short circuit in the case that the protection condition is not properly met. Its image could not be attributed to the ionization phenomenon as this does not occur in low voltage power lines. Also, when the short circuit condition is satisfied in low voltage power lines, then a short circuit causes the almost immediate blowing of the fuses. As a result, the conductors are protected from overheating and sparks or metal particles are not created. This is a compulsory section.

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