The Natural Radioactivity of Waste Materials and their Use as Building Materials: An Italian Case Study

Massimo Zucchetti and Hysen Mankolli


natural radioactivity in buildings, naturally occurring radioactive materials, phosphogypsum, coal fly ash, oil shale ash, rare minerals


This contribution presents an analysis of the question of using waste materials as building materials, addressing the question of their radioactivity. The building industry uses large amounts of waste products from other industries. In recent years, there is a growing tendency to use new construction materials with naturally or technologically enhanced levels of radioactivity (e.g. phosphogypsum, coal fly ash, oil shale ash, some rare minerals, etc.). Increased interest in measuring radionuclides and radon concentration in building materials is due to the health hazards and environmental pollution. Discussion of regulating international norms and of international worldwide studies is carried out, drawing conclusions on the relevance of the problem. An experimental measurement case study in Italy has been carried out and results discussed.

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