Energy Gain in a Cold Season using Gunny Insulation in Concrete Buildings

Jahangir Payamara


Temperature gradient, Gunny, Thermal conductivity, Concrete buildings, Plant fibers


This paper describes how to measure thermal conductivity of a new insulator. Gunny is made up of plant fiber which is produced in Iran, in Middle East and Far East. It can be used inside walls of buildings to keep heating or cooling inside of buildings. In this work the thermal conductivity for gunny found to be 0.80 J/s.m°c with the insulation chamber was made in the Shahed University. In comparing with thermal conductivity of wood (0.80-0.16 J/s.m°c), it can be considered as one of the desirable insulator with more economical use. Finally the difference of the energy gain in the concrete buildings with & without the gunny was estimated to be 21.537×105kcal in the cold season in Tehran. From temperature gradient curve it is found the data points are arrayed in linear fashion. This shows the heat energy per second reaching the cooler end is less than that energy per second which flows from the hot end. This shows gunny can be considered as one of desirable insulator with more economical use and there is no side effect at all.

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