Derivation of Electrical Design Algorithms for Light Industrial Parks

Pierre van Rhyn, Jan-Harm Pretorius, and Ronald Herman


Load modelling, Statistical methods, Beta distribution, LV distribution, Voltage drop, Statistical summation


A statistical model using beta-distributed constant current load at daily instants of maximum demand was presented by Van Rhyn, Pretorius and Herman in a research publication of the University of Johannesburg, South Africa, during December 2010 [1]. It was reported that light industrial consumer loads are also stochastic of nature, similar to previously reported residential load, and that load uncertainty can be described mathematically at a specific interval in time using beta probability density functions (pdf’s)[2]. It also shows how groups of different light industrial consumers as found in modern industrial parks or industrially zoned areas can be summated statistically to obtain a system maximum demand of the composite load. This paper shows how a simple algorithm can be used to calculate the beta parameters of individual or composite light industrial loads at daily instances of maximum demand and how these parameters can be applied to an existing statistical voltage regulation model to design and specify low voltage (LV) distribution components for a grouped loading case study.

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