Physical Modeling and Laboratory Testing of Cairo-Aswan 3-Phase High Voltage Transmission Line

Rania M. Sharkawy


High Voltage transmission line, Physical modeling, Voltage stability, Laboratory Measurements


Double circuit 500 kV overhead transmission line interconnected between Cairo and Aswan in Egypt has been in operation for several decades. There is a requirement to study and evaluate the line performance under various loading conditions that it may be subjected to, especially that it runs over a distance that exceeds 700 km in length. The author presents the realization details and results of an analogue simulator of the high voltage transmission line. Specific dimensions and characteristics are designed to emulate the actual line performance. The line is modelled through several sections of two port networks and compared by the digital simulation of the same transmission line using MATLAB. Voltage variations are monitored across the laboratory model and thus appropriate reactive power compensation is suggested at the appropriate locations.

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