Novel Designs for a DC Breaker

Mohamed Y. Haj-Maharsi


Power System Control and Protection, FACTS and HVDC Transmission System, DC Breaker, DC collection


With the introduction of different types of converters into the AC system, protection issues related to fault interruption emerged. To protect the system against the non-self-extinguishing DC faults, a need for DC Circuit Breakers (DCCB) was immediately identified. A fast DC breaker will make possible the application of multiterminal HVDC-Light® with a common DC bus, the realization of a wind farm with a DC collector, and the proper protection of a navy ship equipped with a DC grid. In this paper, two novel designs for a DC breaker that address both unidirectional and bidirectional power flows are presented. The validity of each design is proven using simulations to assess performance under fault condition.

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