The Enhancement of Industrial Power System Operation using STATCOM Equipment with Fuzzy Logic and Genetic Algorithm

Javad Khodabakhsh and Ehsan S. Parizy


FACTS, STATCOM, Fuzzy System, Genetic Algorithm, AVR Microcontroller


This paper presents a new method of incorporation fuzzy system into Genetic Algorithm in order to tune an optimum fuzzy system for control of STATCOM compensator to improve an industrial busbar voltage profile. Since the power quality is one of most important characteristics of the power system, therefore, its fluctuation and flicker compensation in a short time is one of most important terms. FACTS devices revealed by developments in power electronic. The FACTS devices' response time is very low and its controller response time has to be suitable. Delay is an inherent characteristic of a classical controller, so the classical controller is not a useful controller for control of FACTS devices. In order to have a faster speed in control, we choose the controller based on the fuzzy system. Regarding the complexity of tuning of the fuzzy controller, use of trial and error method to tune it is not applicable and updated numerical methods must get used. As a result, Genetic Algorithm as a powerful numeric method, which is able to probe many situations in a same step and help us to catch the best result, got selected. Two different ways have been used for tuning of TSK fuzzy system and at the end; their responses have got compared.

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