Consumed Electrical Power in Fuse Cases of Low Voltage Electrical Boards

Fotini S. Karagrigoriou, Panagiotis I. Mouzakitis, John D. Koustellis, Emmanuel I. Koufakis, and Constantinos G. Karagiannopoulos


Fuse, fuse holder / fuse case , energy / power consumption, temperature rise


This paper concerns the power consumption in fuse holders of knife fuses in order to investigate the possibility of power savings in low voltage electrical boards. For that, the fuse holder - fuse system was used as a specimen and the temperature rise on the contacts of the fuse case as well as the voltage of the fuse – fuse holder system were measured. The power consumption was calculated and formed the basis to evaluate whether the selection of the fuse holder could significantly affect the power dissipation of the circuit, as well as the temperature rise.

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