H2S Removal Capacity and Structural Properties of Iron-based Composite Sorbent

Ailing Ren, Junyan Sun, Bin Guo, Yuhui Zhao, and Miaomiao Zhang


sulfide gas, iron-based composite sorbent, desulfurization, Iron oxide


The Iron-Based Composit Sorbent containing kaolinite, fly ash, were prepared respectively by constant temperature maturing and high-temperature calcination methods adding Bentonite from either ferric chloride, ferric nitride, or ferric and zinc nitride solution. Desulfurization Capacity were explored by desulfurization and regeneration tests. And the BET, density, the DTA-TGA, XRD and SEM of sorbents were characterized before and after desulfurization. The results showed that the desulfurization performance improved considerably in the case of composite sorbents with a high specific surface area, which the iron-based composit sorbent mixing fly ash by constant temperature maturing method has the highest desulfurization capacity in comparision.

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