Nano-Pt(Ni)/TiO2-NTs Electrocatalysts for Borohydride Oxidation

Loreta Tamašauskaitė-Tamašiūnaitė, Rasa Čekavičiūtė, Dijana Šimkūnaitė, and Algirdas Selskis


Pt, Ni, Titania, Borohydride


Here we present the fabrication way and study of nanostructured electrode for borohydride oxidation. It is based on the formation of self-ordered arrays by Ti substrate anodizing, nickel electroless deposition, and a subsequent Ni layer decoration with Pt nanospecies via spontaneous Pt galvanic exchange from a chloro-complex solution. Nanotubed morphology of TiO2 as well as nm-scaled nature of deposited Pt species was characterized by scanning electron microscopy. The electrocatalytic activity of the fabricated nano-Pt(Ni)/TiO2-NTs electrodes was examined towards borohydride oxidation in an alkaline solution by cyclic voltammetry, demonstrating their significantly higher electrocatalytic activity than that of the bulk Pt. Surprisingly, we have found that oxidation of H2, generated by BH-4 hydrolysis, starts at more negative potentials as compared to that of bulk Pt electrode. Direct BH-4 oxidation was found to be also enhanced on the titania nanotubes modified with nano-platinum particles.

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