A Strategic Roadmap to Meet the Future Energy Projections for Sustainable Development of Pakistan

Muhammad Aleem and Murad Ali


Energy Needs Pakistan, Simulation


The energy crisis is considered to affect the shortage in the supply of energy resources, either in term of oil and gas, electricity or other natural resources. The energy crisis of any country usually affects the entire economy of a country with recessions, rise of production cost of electricity itself as well as the manufacturing cost of goods. The increase of petroleum products reduces consumer confidence and more money is spent for transportation and other general products. The energy resources have been depleted around the world and much of the remaining available resources are being acquired by the powerful countries. The industry in Pakistan has reached a critical stage due to lack of power supply. Alternative energy sources are being tried for survival, such as solar, biogas, and wind etc. The industrial growth and increasing demand of energy from the consumers has disturbed the supply and demand of energy. The country is facing a recent shortage of power of roughly 5000-7000MW. This is a critical time for leadership and policy makers to diligently work on this issue without any further delay. The purpose of this paper is to particularly focus on projected future energy needs of the country and to investigate suitable potential resources and policies required to address the energy issue.

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