Fault Diagnosis on Partial-Effect-Loss of Nonlinear Actuators in SACS

Zhaohui Cen, Jiaolong Wei, and Rui Jiang


Partial-Effect-Loss, Adaptive observer, nonlinearity for actuator, Reaction wheel, SACS


For some control system with dynamics, actuators have generally nonlinearity and its output is difficult to measure. Especially, if a Partial-Effect-Loss fault occurs in the actuator, it becomes hard for Fault Diagnosis (FD) on these systems. In this paper, a nonlinear adaptive observer is proposed to solve this problem. By estimating the fault offset value, the actuator output is indirectly estimated and fault severity is estimated based on the fault offset value. The proposed FD scheme is finally validated by a FD case from the high-fidelity Reaction Wheel (RW) in Satellite Attitude Control System (SACS).

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