Modelling, Stabilization and Single Motor Failure Recovery of a 4Y Octorotor

Victor G. Adîr, Adrian M. Stoica, Aryeh Marks, and James F. Whidborne


Modelling and Simulation, Reconfigurable Control, VTOL Aircraft, Octorotor


UAV applications that require small, simple and high-manoeuvrability vehicles frequently consider quadrotors. However, quadrotors lack actuator redundancy which means that failure of a single rotor results in instability and loss of the vehicle. This is obviously a major drawback for many applications. In this paper, the use of a 4Y octorotor as an alternative to the quadrotor is proposed for safety critical missions. A dynamic model is derived and a feedback controller is designed. Furthermore, a simple control reconfiguration strategy is proposed for the case of a single total rotor failure. The approach is tested by numerical simulations and the results demonstrate it to be feasible.

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