An Amphibious Snake-Like Robot with Novel Gaits on Ground and in Water

Bin Li, Shumei Yu, Shugen Ma, and Yuechao Wang


Amphibious, Snake-like robot, Serpenoid Curve, Gait


Amphibious snake-like robots are advantageous than traditional snake-like robots for their adaptability in aquatic environments. This paper presents a novel amphibious snake-like robot. The mechanism and control system of the robot are illustrated. A simplified Serpenoid Curve is used to generate the basic undulation of the robot. Three-dimensional gaits are generated by combining undulations of the robot on the horizontal and vertical planes. Novel gaits are found, including a S-shape rolling gait on the ground and a diving gait in the water. Experiments have been done to validate the gaits and show the performances of the gaits under different control parameters.

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