Application of Wireless Sensor Network to Fluorescent Lighting Installations: A Novel Energy Efficient System

Angel Molina-Garcia, Juan Alvaro Fuentes, Fulgencio Soto, Roque Torres, and Emilio Gomez-Lazaro


Wireless Sensor Network, Fluorescent Lighting Systems, Energy Efficiency


This paper describes the application of wireless sensor network to monitor and control fluorescent lighting installations, which may accounts for around 40% of the electricity consumption in tertiary sector. The proposed solution offers a flexible, powerful and low-cost tool to manage fluorescent lighting loads, avoiding any additional wiring and extending the Wireless Sensor Network technology to other applications. Moreover, demand response solutions based on energy saving and efficiency proposals are welcome from the utility–side power systems. The proposed system has been tested using conventional fluorescent lighting loads. Both detailed description of the implemented hardware and real field–tests are included in the present paper to assess the suitability of the developed system as well as to show the impact of daylighting over the energy consumption of the fluorescent tubes.

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