Visual Servoing for a Wheeled Mobile Robot using Image Moments: Experimental Results

Alaa Dib and Houria Siguerdidjane


Mobile robot, Visual servoing, Image moments


In this paper, we present an image-based visual servoing strategy for driving a nonholonomic mobile robot equipped with a pinhole camera toward a desired configuration. To this end, we propose a new strategy based on coupling path planning in image plane and image-based control, while using image moments as visual features. This coupling allows the robot to track a desired Cartesian trajectory, while constraints such that the object remains in the camera field of view can be taken into account at the planning level. To assess the quality of the proposed method, we performed in addition to simulations the implementation of our approach on the robot PEKEE II, a two-wheel differentially driven mobile robot. Obtained results illustrate the effectiveness of this approach.

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