Wireless Myoelectric Hand Training System for the Upper-Limb Amputee

Sehoon Park, KyungHo Kim, and MuSeong Mun


Myoelectric hand, training system, prosthetics, simulation, virtual hand, wireless


In this paper, an integrated training system of myoelectric hands for the upper limb amputee is proposed. Many amputees have trouble in isolating the muscle in the residual limb that produces strong myoelectric signals to control myoelectric prosthesis. It is required to match the user’s intentions and the muscles such that when the user activates a muscle it provides a signal to move the prosthetic hand in the direction specified by the selected muscle. The training system we developed is different from the conventional myoelectric training system due to its two features. First, it adopted an alternated wireless connection to overcome the space limitation. Second, it maximizes the effect of visual feedback by simultaneously showing successive envelope EMG signals and virtual 3D hand simulation. It consists of two parts, a Zigbee TM based wireless EMG transmitter and a receiver, and a graphic user interface to display the information about the training status. In this paper, we describe the merits of the developed wireless EMG transmitter compared to the conventional EMG measurement system. Secondly, we describe the detailed functions of the integrated training system such as 3D virtual hand simulator, multi-DOF wrist module activation and training report which is used to adjust the parameters of the training system based on the post training information.

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