A Versatile Dual Tracer Platform for Point of Care Diagnostics and Biological Separations

Antonio Valdevit, Roy Mondesire, and Arthur Ritter


Immunodiagnostic, electrical resistance, paramagnetic tracer, particle


The mathematical basis of separation technology has not been fully exploited. The variety of methods within this field specific to medical diagnostics lends itself to application of both mathematical and physical computation techniques in an attempt to define and explore viable diagnostic configurations. More specifically, the application of such computation for the development of immunodiagnostics is presented. Use of paramagnetic and non-magnetic tracers bound to respective immunologic agents has shown potential as a platform. This work also illustrates that such a method can also permit quantitative evaluation of the species under study via measurement of electrical resistance of the media employed in the diagnostic configuration. An experiment was conducted to examine the viability of such a method and resulted in a detection level less than 0.9ng/ml in the case of Chlamydia trachomatis antigen. Use of resistance measurements resulted in a detection limit of 0.5ng/ml under the same experimental conditions

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