Patient Specific Flow Analysis of Cerebral Aneurysm using CFD

Rajanikanth Rao Vedula, Shah Mohammed Abdul Khader, Raghuvir Pai, Anurag Ayachit, Kamarul Arifin Ahmad, and Ibrahim Lutfi Shuaib


ANSYS-CFX, CFD analysis, Haemodynamics, cerebral aneurysm


Haemodynamics in cerebral aneurysms can be studied in detail using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for understanding not only their formation and rupture but also clinical evaluation and treatment. The present study deals with a patient specific case of having an aneurysm on left side internal carotid bifurcation (ICA) bifurcation and right side is normal. The three dimensional(3D) fluid models of normal and aneurysm ICA bifurcation is generated using MIMICS13.0. After volume rendering in CATIA V5R19.0, the meshing is carried out in GAMBIT and transient analysis is simulated in ANSYS CFX. The simulation results provide a comparison of flow behaviour between normal and aneurysm models. It demonstrates the significance of flow analysis in understanding the haemodynamics at crucial sites and agrees well with the available literature and clinical observation.

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