Effects of Toe Movement during Walking and Running in Terms of GRF and EMG Signals

Edwardo A. Y. Murakami, Duk Shin, Yasuharu Koike, and Masaaki Mochimaru


Gait Analysis, Ground Reaction Force, Ankle Joint Torque Estimation, EMG Signals, Shock Absorption


The objective of this long term experiment is to analyze the effects of different sole thickness and the use of toe during walking and running. A total of 15 athletes of short and medium distance were divided in two groups using different shoes. From GRF and EMG results it can be inferred that the toe movement inside a thick sole shoe does not affect the forces patterns between the foot and the ground, making this kind of movement meaningless in terms of shock absorption. The toe movement caused an ankle joint torque to increase about 20% in the midstance phase compared to the normal barefoot gait. The results about the effects of toe movement in barefoot and shod walking/running will be used to establish an evaluation method to assess the performance of the two groups. An ankle joint torque estimation method based on EMG will also be proposed.

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