Design of Control Law and Control Allocation for Autonomous Vessl Motion Control

Van Phuoc Bui, Dong Seok Lee, and Young Bok Kim


RPI, SMC, Control Allocaiton, Vessel Control, Slow Speed Maneuvering, Harbour Area


In this paper, the authors propose a new approach for vessel control by using autonomous tugboats. Compared with previous methods employed for the automatic vessel control system, this approach overcomes the nominal effectiveness problem of actuators at slow speed maneuvering to improve the vessel operation in the harbour area and etc. The purpose of this paper is twofold. First, the sliding mode controller (SMC) for trajectory tracking problem is proposed. In the result, the sliding mode control law guarantees position tracking with desired velocity in the presence of environmental disturbances. Second, the thrust allocation problem is solved by using redistributed pseudo-inverse (RPI) algorithm to determine the thrust force and direction of each individual tugboat. The main goal of RPI method is to minimize the power supplied to tugboats and increase their controllability. The proposed approach has been simulated with a supply vessel model and found work well.

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