Autonomous Control, Waypoint Navigation, and a Real-Time UAV Video Database

Chhabilal Adhikari, Peter Baumann, and Saksham Gautam


Autonomous control and Navigation, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Aerial Robots, Wireless analog video link, Intelligent Raster server, Web Map Service


This paper presents autonomous control, waypoint navigation and the real-time database of aerial images and videos from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). The UAV used in our experiments is a quadrocopter commonly known as drone or aerial robot. The aerial robot exhibits autonomous flight following the waypoints during the test flights. Our aerial robot is capable of generating waypoints list automatically using its onboard GPS sensor. The video of the environment captured by the onboard small fly camera is transmitted down to the base station via the 5.8GHz wireless analog video link, which is then received in real time at the base station and processed in the intelligent raster server: rasdaman. The ground base station is capable of simultaneously controlling the status and real time data. We also present our innovative approach of integration of the web map service to our intelligent raster database server for the real time data.

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