A High Performance Triune Tank Simulator for Training

Ming Cong, Dong Liu, Yu Du, and Haiying Wen


Triune tank training simulator, Serial-parallel Platform, visual system, coupling compensation


This paper develops a 7-dof triune tank training simulator with a real-time visual system. It can realize the idea of tank training of three armored arms when compared to existing tank simulator, and is fully capable of carrying out all the exercises required by tank training contents. The system design, simulation analysis, dynamics modeling and visual system of the triune tank training simulator are described in detail and the inverse kinematics based on coupling compensation and time-jerk synthetic optimization method for trajectory planning of the simulator are further discussed in order to satisfy the requirements for high stability and perfect performance. In advance, the simulator has been tested thoroughly, and the performance has been found a satisfaction with tracking any trajectories given by the visual system smoothly and real-timely.

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