Design of a Quadruped Robot for the Study of Gait Cycles

Benjamín Díaz Santiago and José Gabriel Ramírez Torres


Legged Robot , Gait Cycles , Central Pattern Generator, FPGA


Central pattern generators (CPGs), have emerged as a new solution for the locomotion of legged robots and their study has been increasing among the scientific community in robotics. This article presents the design of a quadruped robot, in order to provide a low-cost platform for comparing CPGs to other gait cycle generators. The mechanical architecture of this robot has 3 degrees of freedom (DOF) for each leg to allow access on rough terrain and 2 DOF in the head, to obtain a “ pan and tilt” movement for cameras. The body is made on a structure of acrylic with a height of 30 cm. The robot is equipped with 2 FPGA cards to implement high and low level control tasks, in order to provide a flexible hardware platform where different gait generators can be tested.

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