Multi-Objective Design of Spatial Cable Robots

Arian Bahrami and Mansour Nikkhah-Bahrami


Cable robots, Dexterity, Optimal design, Stiffness


This paper presents the optimal design of spatial six-cable robots based on single and multi-objective optimization by means of a hybrid genetic algorithm-pattern search approach. The objective functions used are: Global Dexterity Index (GDI), Global Dexterity Uniformity Index (GDUI), Global Stiffness Index (GSI), and Global Stiffness Uniformity Index (GSUI). Firstly, these indices are used separately to obtain the architectural parameters of the robot. Then, mixed performance indices are specified and optimized to obtain the optimal parameters of the robot such as the size of the moving platform, the size of the fixed platform, and the geometric shapes of the two platforms. The obtained results are useful in designing these robots under different conditions.

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