Modeling and Control of a Humanoid Robot Arm with Redundant Biarticular Muscle Torques

Haiwei Dong, Zhiwei Luo, and Akinori Nagano


arm control, biarticular muscle, adaptive control, online parameter estimation


Human's body is quite flexible because of high redundancy. Compared with the existing control schemes of robot manipulator, human's upper limb has better performance in movement and robustness in fault tolerance. This paper addresses the problem of controlling a upper-limb like humanoid robot arm actuated by muscles. Specifically, we built a humanoid robot arm based on a real human's anthropological parameters. Biarticular muscles were added as actuators. The proposed adaptive control scheme tolerates the modeling error; the parameter adaptation scheme identifies the time-varying arm parameters in real-time. The computed torques acting on joints are distributed to corresponding muscle forces. The control and adaptation methods were verified by an arm simulation in bend-stretch movement.

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