The Puller-Follower Control Concept in the Multi-Jointed Robot Body with Antagonistically Coupled Compliant Drives

Veljko Potkonjak, Kosta M. Jovanovic, Predrag Milosavljevic, Nenad Bascarevic, and Owen Holland


Bio-inspired robotics, Antagonistic drives, Non-linear control, Passive compliance


Copying human physiology leads us to the first truly anthropomimetic robot - ECCEROBOT, driven by the antagonistically coupled compliant drives. Control design of such a mechanism appears as a really demanding and challenging mission. Puller-follower concept, developed for the robotic joint with antagonistically coupled drives, is expanded to the multi-joint control level. Problems in control of the multi-jointed anthropomimetic robot are highlighted in this paper, and solutions through the robust control and model based compensations are proposed.

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