Cloud Robotics: Toward Context Aware Robotic Networks

João M. Quintas, Paulo J. Menezes, and Jorge M. Dias


Service Oriented Architecture, Mobile Robots, Cloud Computing, Technology and architecture evolution for Robotics and Humans


This paper proposes an approach for an automated system composed by mobile robots and a smart-room following service oriented architecture, aiming to undertake complex and heavily computational tasks to aid the user in the execution of determined tasks. The proposed approach is inspired by the principles of Service Oriented Architecture, relying in cloud computing to provide an increased degree of scalability to the system. The robotic system will complement the group of virtual networks that the user may already be a part of, contributing as a connection bridge between virtual and real “worlds”. The objective of this work targets the implementation of a service robotic system that allows distant groups of robots to share and exchange learned skills and improve cooperation with human agents. The connection to the cloud plays the role of knowledge repository for the robotic system. This will allow for distant groups of robots to share and exchange each other’s learned skills and adapt to new situations of cooperation with human agents. A use case scenario is presented and suggests the application of the system in Assisted Living situations. In this scenario the context aware ability orchestrate the system towards providing health care services.

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