Haptic Support for Improved Task Guidance in a 3D Virtual Aircraft Maintenance Environment based on an Intelligent Assembly Planning Algorithm

Syed Hassan and Jungwon Yoon


Haptics, Virtual reality, Path planning, Assembly automation


In this paper we present the use of improved haptic guidance information for 3D aircraft assembly simulation system. In simulation system an optimal assembly algorithm which is designed to assist the virtual system providing optimal path for haptic guidance system. Several methods for improved haptic guidance are analyzed in virtual environment along with their limitations and challenges. In active haptic guidance mode, the user is guided by the attractive forces from initial to final assembly position, whereas, in passive haptic guidance the optimal assembly algorithm provides optimal path guide on which movement of the user is allowed in the preferred direction and constrained in other directions. User studies were performed as part of experiment and the results demonstrate that haptic passive guidance (HPG) feature has better performance in terms of overall assembly time compared to the haptic active guidance (HAG) and haptic free mode (HF). It was observed that HPG mode not only guides user to his target but also the deviation from desired target path is reduced. The proposed guidance modes were tested with a haptic interface designed for virtual 3D aircraft assembly environment.

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