Reducer-Order Fuzzy-Observer-based Actuator Fault Reconstruction for a Class of Nonlinear Systems

Dušan Krokavec and Anna Filasová


Fault estimation, Takagi--Sugeno fuzzy models, fuzzy observers, Takagi--Sugeno fuzzy models, Fuzzy observers, Fault estimation, Takagi--Sugeno fuzzy models, Fuzzy observers


This paper examines a principle for designing fuzzy-observer-based actuator fault reconstruction for a class of continuous-time nonlinear MIMO system. The problem addressed can be indicated as an approach for a kind of reduced-order fuzzy observer design with special gain matrix structure that depends on a given matching condition specification. The conditions are outlined in terms of linear matrix inequalities to possess a stable structure that is closest to optimal asymptotic properties. Simulation results illustrate the design procedure and demonstrate the actuator fault reconstruction effectiveness and performance.

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