Modeling and Identification of a Microcantilever System in an Unknown Viscous Fluid

Mohammad N ElBsat, Edwin E Yaz, Susan C Schneider, Isabelle Dufour, and Fabien J Josse


Identification, Physically-based Modeling, Applications to sensors


An alternative approach is presented for modeling and analysis of the dynamic response of a microcantilever beam vibrating in a viscous fluid for the purpose of determining the fluid’s properties. The proposed approach consists of spatially discretizing the beam along its length, approximately representing it with a finite-dimensional state-space model, and determining the fluid properties using nonlinear state/parameter estimation techniques. Unlike classical methods developed in the field of rheological measurements based on vibrating microcantilevers, the proposed approach is not based on the analysis of the frequency response of the beam. It is rather based on the time response of the system and, thus, alleviating the need for the existence of a resonance phenomenon. In this work, the discrete-time Extended Kalman Filter is employed to find estimates of the viscous fluid properties using temporal measurements of the deflection at the free end of the beam. Simulation studies of the proposed approach are conducted for different excitation frequencies and viscous fluid properties.

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