A Survey on Modeling Approaches for Three Phase Induction Motors

Mohammed Obaid, George Nikolakopoulos, and Thomas Guastafsson


Induction Motor Modelling


Three–phase induction machines are generally being utilized as motors for many industrial systems, mainly resulting from their simple construction, low cost and other merits, when compared with other types of motors. The main aim of this article is to present a survey regarding the appeared approaches towards the mathematical modeling of three phase induction motors, which is the first step before designing appropriate control schemes. More analytically, two main modeling approaches will be presented: a) the complete three phase models, and b) the simplified quadrature phase models. Within these two main categories, all the types of the modeling approaches for induction motors will be presented, while the relevant significant applications, including the corresponding advantages and disadvantages for these models will be also presented. Finally, an extended bibliography is being provided as a base line for future investigations.

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