Kinematic Modeling and Simulation Studies of a LHD Vehicle under Slip Angles

Thaker Nayl, George Nikolakopoulos, and Thomas Guastafsson


Articulated vehicle, kinematic model, non-holonomic dynamics, slip angle


In this article a kinematic model for a Load Haul Dumping Vehicle (LHD), with the ability to take under consideration the slipping angles is being derived. This specific type of vehicles consists of two parts, a steering tractor and a trailer, linked with rigid free joint and can be found various applications, especially in the mine fields. In the rest of the article, exhaustive simulation studies are being provided for evaluating the performance of the model under multiple design and operational variables, such as: a) multiple parameter sets for slip angles, b) different steering angles, c) various wagons’ lengths, and d) various driving paths.

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