Wavelet based Compress-and-Forward Relay Protocol for Cooperative Communication in Wireless Sensor Networks

Volkan Ozduran and Osman N. Ucan


Discrete wavelet transform, Cooperative communication, Wireless sensor networks, Low-density parity-check codes


In this paper, we have modeled a wavelet based compress-and-forward relay protocol for cooperative communication in wireless sensor networks by using wavelet compression families Haar and Daubechies-4 (Daub-4) methods. We compared behaviors of Haar and Daub-4 compression methods on relay nodes and their performance evaluations. In the proposed cooperative communication model, we have used Low-Density Parity-Check (LDPC) error correcting codes for channel coding and Binary Phase Shift Keying (BPSK) for modulation processes. The model is performed in fading environment, for Rayleigh and Rician cases. According to the computer simulation results, in the case of Haar model employed in the relay node, we have achieved better performance values than Daub-4 model. We have also observed that increasing the number of the relay nodes and compression levels affect the system performance evaluations.

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