Simulation Tools for Producing Metadata Description Sets Covering Simulation-based Content Collections

Jonathan P. Leidig, Edward A. Fox, and Madhav Marathe


Simulation tools and languages, Data Modelling, Health care modelling, Automated extraction, Description set generation, Epidemiology simulations


Generating interoperable metadata description sets often falls outside of the expertise of scientists in modeling and simulation institutions. A framework is necessary to facilitate the generation of description sets and application profiles for simulation domains and specific simulation models. Metadata description sets covering simulation-based content consist of domain model terms, infrastructure terms, formal terms, and general Dublin Core terms. Harmonization between metadata schemas and terms is necessary to enable content discovery between institutions and model integration in simulation workflows. We describe a framework to produce metadata description sets, harmonize model vocabularies, extract term values from simulation-related content, and automatically generate metadata records. We also present a software implementation of the framework and demonstrate the software prototype in an existing digital library.

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