RTO-RTDB: A Real-Time Object-Oriented Database Model

Nada Louati, Rafik Bouaziz, Claude Duvallet, and Bruno Sadeg


real-time, database, object-model, UML-RTDB


In recent years search for proper extensions of the object model to suit real-time database community has become a critical research issue. In this paper, we present such an extension of the object model, called RTO-RTDB. A concrete static and dynamic views of the model are presented. A major attraction of this model is in that it is effective not only in the use of the feedback control real-time scheduling theory but also in the accurate representation of realtime databases properties. It is used to demonstrate how to separate structural and concurrency concerns ensuring also high-level abstraction for parallelism modeling. In order to improve and to facilitate the RTO-RTDB object model specification, we have used the MARTE and UML-RTDB profiles as UML extensions to describe real-time aspects on one hand, and to express real-time database features on the other hand.

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