A Model based Approach for Computing Speedup on Parallel Machines using Static Code Analysis

Ioannis Zgeras, Jürgen Brehm, and Tobias Sprodowski


Parallelisation, GPU, Multi-Core, Many-Core


Utilising modern computer hardware like multi-core CPUs or Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) provides programmers with great computational power to speedup their code. However, the effort to parallelise existing software does not always bear relation to the theoretically achievable speedup. This paper introduced a novel method for predicting the possible speedup, which can be achieved as the result of parallelisation of existing sequential source code to guide the programmer in the decision whether or not a parallelisation is worthwhile. Thereby, we consider multi-core CPUs as well as many-core co-processors. Our evaluation results show that the computed speedup is similar to the real speedup, although our approach relies only on static code analysis.

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