Flexible Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks based on Quality of Observation and Communication

Hiroaki Higaki


Sensor Networks, Topology Management, Quality of Communication, Quality of Observation, Wireless Multihop Transmission


In wireless sensor networks where sensor data achieved by sensor nodes are transmitted to a sink node by using wireless multihop transmissions, there are two different types of approaches: high-density approach in which sensor nodes are usually stationary and whole observation area is covered by their sensing ranges and low-density approach in which sensor nodes moves according to the mobility of objects and sensor data is transmitted along a stable or sporadic wireless multihop transmission route. This paper proposes a mobility method according to the latter approach. Each sensor node determines its own mobility based on locally achieved information such as observation-QoS which is quality of the achieved sensor data, communication-QoS in wireless communication links and locations of its own and its neighbor nodes since it is difficult or almost impossible to achieve the global information in large-scale and wide-area wireless sensor networks. The simulation experiments how that removal and addition of intermediate mobile wireless nodes in wireless multihop transmission routes are reasonable though they are determined according to the locally achieved information.

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