Location-based Information Management without Stationary Server Nodes

Hiroaki Higaki


Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks, Location-Dependent Information, Serverless, Location-Based Routing, High Mobility


For wireless multihop networks, various location-dependent routing protocols in which a destination of a message is specied by its location have been proposed. By combination of these routing protocols and a method which keeps location-dependent information in its specied area, a low overhead method for storing and retrieving location-dependent information is realized. In our pro posed method, the following three areas are determined for each location-dependent information; information main- taining area in which the location-dependent information is required to be kept, information forwarding area in which mobile wireless nodes forward the location-dependent in- formation to its neighbor mobile wireless nodes and information holding area only in which mobile wireless nodes hold the location-dependent information. In addition to the above three areas, we also propose three different conditions for each mobile wireless node to forward location- dependent information to its neighbors. By various combination of the determination of these areas and the forwarding conditions, it is possible for wireless multihop networks to achieve tradeoff among communication overhead for transmission of location-dependent information, storage overhead in mobile wireless nodes and availability of the location-dependent information.

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