PAWS: A Toolkit for Analyzing Web Service Performance using Proxies

Michael D. Rogers, Sheikh Ghafoor, and Rob Dye


Service Oriented Comuting, Performance Evaluation, Web Services


System developers can compose existing Web services to build new composite Web services. Web service composition requires invoking multiple web services, performing transformations of their results, and ultimately producing a new aggregate service. Such service compositions have the potential to decrease both the development time and the development cost for new services. Analyzing and improving the performance of these composite services is a relatively new area of research. Identifying and reducing overheads for a new service is not trivial. Computer networks have many potential areas for overhead to occur. Composite services rely on numerous other services that may be running on multiple servers and at multiple locations. These complex service interactions further compound the overheads. In this paper, we introduce a toolkit called PAWS which can be used to monitor and analyze performance of web services. PAWS can also be used to simulate dynamic behavior such as network delays and service failure which may occur in a service composition environment. Experimental results with prototype implementation indicate that the overhead of PAWS is low and it can aid in identifying performance problems.

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