Overlaying an Opportunistic Virtual Storage System on the UnaGrid Infrastructure

Mario Villamizar Cano, Arthur Oviedo, Harold Castro, and Juan Osorio


grid computing, desktop grid, unagrid, storage system


UnaGrid is an opportunistic virtual grid infrastructure that takes advantage of the idle processing capabilities of conventional desktop machines in computer labs through the use of Customizable Processing Virtual Clusters (CPVCs), these capabilities are used in the development of e-Science projects. Up to now, however, a dedicated NFS-NAS solution is employed as the storage system. This solution does not take advantage of the idle storage capabilities of the desktop machines. This paper presents the design, implementation and assessment of a virtual storage system, which simultaneously allows UnaGrid to take advantage of the storage and processing capabilities available in tens of desktop machines. The tests executed show that the strategy used to create the virtual storage system achieves large storage capabilities, at low cost, and superior performance than a NFS-NAS dedicated solution.

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