Numerically Stable Blind Fragile Watermarking Method for 3D Model Authentication

Norihiro Ohira


Fragile watermarking, 3D authentication, Tamper detection


This paper proposes a numerically stable blind fragile digital watermarking method for 3D model authentication. In 3D watermarking, to guard against falsification, watermarking methods have been proposed that slightly perturb the coordinates of vertices. However, these schemes have both numerical and security problems. For example, one method using floating-point arithmetic is, in some cases, unable to make a correct authentication for numerical reasons. Another, which uses integer arithmetic, is susceptible to tampering, and the amount of embedded watermark data is small. To resolve such problems, this study focuses on developing a new watermarking method. Using this method, it is possible to embed an adequate amount of watermarking data, as opposed to previous methods, that are numerically stable and resistant to tampering.

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