Object-based Traffic Sign Detection and Recognition from ‎Integrated Range and Intensity Images

Mozhdeh Shahbazi, Mehran Sattari, Saeid Homayouni, and Mohammad Saadatseresht


Digital image processing‎, Image sequence processing, Color and texture‎, PMD range camera


This paper describes a method for detecting and ‎recognizing traffic signs by integrating the range and ‎intensity images of a Time-of-flight camera, based on ‎Photonic Mixer Device (PMD) technology, with images of ‎a standard digital camera. The reflectivity of signs ‎surfaces along with background suppression ability and ‎active sensing of the PMD camera make the signs sharply ‎visible in intensity images. Besides the image descriptors, ‎utilizing the object-based information provides robust ‎and reliable detection and recognition. The overall ‎acquisition system and proposed technique overcome the ‎conventional illumination, disorientation and scaling ‎problems in detection and recognition process. The ‎method of this paper is implemented and evaluated on ‎data acquired by a multi-sensor mobile mapping system.‎

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