Performance of MC-CDMA / TDM using Superimposed Pilot Channel Estimation

Maha G. Zia


MC-CDMA, PAPR, superimposed pilot channel estimation, Rayleigh fading channel


In this paper, superimposed pilot channel estimation based on least-square (LS) estimator for multi-carrier code division multiple access combined with time division multiplexing (MC-CDMA / TDM) over a frequency selective Rayleigh fading channel is proposed. The bit error rate (BER) performance of MC-CDMA / TDM and conventional MC-CDMA is evaluated using MATLAB simulation program. The simulation results show that MC-CDMA / TDM system provides low peak-average power ratio (PAPR) than the conventional MC-CDMA but at the expense of low BER performance since the number of b-carriers in MC-CDMA / TDM system is reduced.

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