Robust Anisotropic Diffusion based Speckle Reducing Filter in SAR Images

Rohit K. Chatterjee and Avijit Kar


Adaptive Signal Processing, Image Restoration, SAR, Speckle Filtering


Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) becomes an indispensable sensor as a remote sensing device for land and sea surface image processing. But multiplicative noise (speckle) causes great impediment for processing these types of images. So, spackle filtering becomes inevitable preprocessing step in SAR image interpretation. Speckle Filter performance strongly depends on speckle model and heterogeneity measurement. Classical single-stage speckle filters fails to retain image structures on iteration, but iteration is necessary for effective smoothing of speckle. In this paper we propose a heterogeneity measuring technique that enables to apply traditional filters iteratively. We also propose a new robust anisotropic diffusion (AD) based speckle filter (ROSRAD), that perform better than the existing speckle reducing AD filters like SRAD and DPAD. Performance of ROSRAD is tested on simulated and real SAR images and compared with other AD filters.

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