Determination of the Purity of Solar Generated Hydrogen in the Vaal Triangle, South Africa

Akinlawon O. Amoo, Willem J. Bekker, and Hendrik C.vZ. Pienaar


Hydrogen, Renewable energy, Photovoltaics, Purity


The use of fossil fuels for energy supply has a negative environmental impact. A worldwide conversion from fossil fuels to hydrogen would eliminate such negative impacts. Research is therefore focused on the substitution of clean hydrogen for the present fossil fuels using renewable energy methods generated by photovoltaics. Hydrogen has been described as the fuel of the future because of its attractive features. It has the highest energy content per unit mass of chemical fuels, has a non-polluting burning process and it simply changes state from water to hydrogen and back to water during consumption. Applications can be found in the automotive, chemical, power generation, aerospace and telecommunications industries where most of the applications require pure hydrogen. The purity of the generated hydrogen is therefore very important.

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