Sustainable Removal of Non-Condensable Gases from Geothermal Waters

Anna Khaghani, Abhijit Date, and Aliakbar Akbarzadeh


Geothermal Energy, Non-Condensable Gases, Eductor, Vacuum machine, Energy efficiency


Geothermal energy is becoming an attractive solution for clean and sustainable energy needs for the world. One of the highlighted issues in utilising the energy from geothermal waters is removal of Non-Condensable Gases (NCG) from geothermal systems. This paper discusses and reviews existing technologies for removing NCG from the point of energy consumption. Further this research investigates the possibility of using two-phase ejectors (also known as eductors) to remove NCGs from geothermal waters. Energy analysis of isothermal and adiabatic vacuum processes for removing non condensable gases by an ideal vacuum machine are presented and later compared with the experimental performance and the energy consumption of commercial vacuum pumps and eductors. Advantages of removal of NCG using passive method employing eductors and also the prospect of improving the efficiency of these devices are presented. Based on experimental data it is shown that eductors offer a sustainable alternative for NCGs removal from geothermal waters.

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