Fast Single Sensor Capacitor Time-Voltage MPP Detector for Photovoltaic Power Systems

Francesco Caracciolo, Enrico Dallago, Daniele G. Finarelli, Alessandro Liberale, and Patrick Merhej


Photovoltaic Power Systems, Maximum Power Point Tracker, MPPT, Single Sensor, Fast MPPT response


A fast single sensor Capacitor Time-Voltage (CTV) principle to detect maximum power point (MPP) available for Photovoltaic (PV) generation systems is proposed. Employing a capacitor as a load for Solar Cells (SCs), PV modules and PV array, MPP is actively located through sensing only capacitor voltage. Application to an array of six SCs delivering about 4W output power and a polycrystalline PV module delivering about 56W output power is reported using two different impedance adapters.

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